2 Gedanken zu „A-6E TRAM Intruder (Hobby-Boss, Eduard, 1:48)“

  1. CHRISTIAN Good day!I really liked your model!I am now starting to build the same set,but Hobby Boss does not give all the colors in its instructions,could you please guide me on some details,what color, preferably gunze, did You use in your model?With Respect Aliaksandr Zanuda.

    1. Dear Aleksandr, its not an easy kit and a lot of options to choose, so a lot of patience is required 😉 I remember I have used Gunze H307 and H308 for the main fuselage. But I have to say that you might be happier with equivalent Testors Acryl Colours. Some postshading with different colours would be also nice to simulate this aircraft-carrier heavy weathered jets.
      Good luck with your build and have fun! Cheers, Christian

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